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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Well wouldn't you know.....

I did the right thing.  Contacted the temp agency and activated my profile.  I contacted 2 recruiters that I had worked with in the past, and made other contacts.  Well, 2 hours into activating my profile with the temp agency I received a phone call, and I have a temp job for the day.  I am thinking this is a good sign as far as work.  I think all will be okay on the job front.

Everytime I go through changes like this, my son feeds off my energy.  I have been remarkably calm, but he seems to be on the edge.  I tell him we were fine, and all is good.  I don't think he is comprehending it though.  I'm hoping that it changes soon.  It's hard enough keeping myself in check during times like this without his ups and downs......Ugh......

So, I am going to do this job, get her done, collect my paycheck and move it forward.  Sounds good to me.  I'll tell you about it later!


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