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Monday, March 18, 2013

Pretty "Big" Women......

A couple of weeks ago my Ryan and I were in Toys R Us to purchase some new character for his latest game addiction.  We got behind this couple at the checkout with two small children who were out of control.  So, I am observing this couple.  The husband was very nice looking and looked exhausted trying to take care of these two little out of control boys.  The wife was tall for a woman, and what I would call big boned.  She was not thin, but not fat either.  She was fluffy on the larger frame.  She had caked on make-up and had this scowl on her face kind of like, you just didn't want to tussel with her.  As they were finishing up with the purchase, she looked at him and said something very harsh about him having to put things together.  When she noticed us looking at them, she gave that bitch grin.  Kind of like, uh oh I got busted......  So I was thinking, maybe I have this whole thing wrong.  Maybe there are men that don't let a woman's weight intimidate them.  Then I thought, nooooo.....  He is just making nice with her while out with their kids, and he is probably the quiet guy out there doing his secretary.  lol  We had just seen a beautiful big girl the day before with a very handsome man.  Even my Ryan commented on how pretty she was.  So after we witnessed this thing at the toy store, Ryan says, it's not like she is beautiful either.  She wasn't near as good looking as the other woman we saw yesterday.  This is my adult son who is on the autism spectrum noticing this.  I found that interesting.  So where am I going with this.....Hell, I don't know.  I'm just really making a lot of observations these days.  Trying to figure people out.  Are there good men out there or not?  Food for thought!


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