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Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Free Bird"

This week flew by, and I am having major writer's block.....  I am trying to spend as much time with my parents as I can...  My dad's health scare, and being in the CCU for a couple of days really shook me up.  He is still very weak, and isn't bouncing back as quickly as he has bounced back from things before.  My Ryan said last night that he thinks I am depressed.  I could be....Heck I don't know anymore.  I want to write, but I have very little time for myself right now.  I have to lock myself in my room, and just start writing.....  And I will ;-)


Monday, August 6, 2012

You find out who your friends are......

Do you ever wonder if those you think are your friends, are really your friends?  When that person you think is your friend says, you can call me anytime?  Let me know if you need something, and I will be there for you?  I never really thought a lot about it until recently.  My friends are so different...  They all have unique personalities, and qualities that I love.  That is what makes them who they are, and why I call them my friends.  But lately I have been thinking about this a lot.  The ex-boyfriend.....  When I was with him, he would say if you can't get this done or that done to let him know, and he would be right there to help.  Well that either didn't happen, or I paid hell getting the help from him.  WTF??  So since we ended things in the bf/gf aspect, I have found that being friends with him can't work either.  We can talk, and catch up on things, then he will turn on me.  No provocation.....  He will say he can't do it.  In other words, he can't be a friend.  He gets a little excited when his youngest son tells him, dad, you have no friends.  He doesn't grasp it.  But his son is right.  What friends he has tolerate his crap.  His relationships don't last long, he has very few friends, and he wonders why......  So back to friendships.  When you ask your friends to be there for you, are they?  I am realizing more and more......I have friends, then I have FRIENDS.  The ones I know I can count on, and those that we just enjoy pleasantries.....  I am going to think about this a little more, and write about it again ;-)


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just a little bit more time.......

Boy, did my weekend get way off track!  I woke up Saturday morning to a phone call that my dad was being rushed to the hospital.  He was admitted into the CCU, and that set the course for my weekend.  I love my dad soooo much!  I was so scared.  Still am........  I've been doing a lot of soul searching and praying.  I am physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.  Please stick with me.....  I will sit down tomorrow night, and write like a crazy woman ;-)


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just for fun and laughs.....

Yesterday I tripped getting out of my car when I was coming back from my lunch break.  Some how I managed to get the heel of my right sandal caught on the cuff of the left side of my slacks.  Some how I was able to yank my heel loose before I fell, and caught myself with my weight on my right leg.  I bruised something inside, or pulled a muscle, or something.  Whatever I did, my right upper thigh and butt cheek hurts!  WTF??  OMG......  So this morning when I was getting ready for work, I was trying to do casual, but not too casual because the big boss was in all day, and we had a staff meeting this morning.  So I had a pair of bermuda type khaki shorts on with a wedged heel sandal.  So here I am limping around my office.  I was getting a few strange looks, and co-workers asking what was wrong.  I am so sure they thought it was my sandals.  So, finally I just told them what happened.  I was so sure someone had probably seen it anyway.  I mean it was really one of those laugh at yourself moments.  Then a couple of the girls in the office said they couldn't look at me limping without laughing....  So here I went from having their sympathy to being their comic relief.  I know.......I is laugh your a*% off worthy......  This was just the icing on MY cake this week.  Having been a week riddled with migraines, stress, and the almost "trip and fall".  I swear there is never a dull moment in my life.......  I am just hoping I survive the weekend :-/ 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

"My"graines............... :-(

Migraines........Ugh.......whoever thought of that gene, must have been suffering from a migraine and not thinking in the right frame of mind!  I have been battling headaches all week.  Two days of which escalated into full blown migraines.  Not good.  Some how I managed to work, write, and function.....well all except the second day.  I caved and came home from work a couple of hours early.  Where am I going with this?  Heck......I don't even know.  I seem to have gotten caught up with phone calls, and im's tonight and because my brain is fuzzy......I'm having an issue with putting two thoughts together.  But I really wanted to write something tonight!  Not fair......  I am going to go to bed.  Get through my Friday, and veg out this weekend, and get my writing on.  Sounds like a plan to me ;-)


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Tale as old as time........."

I'm not sure if I've blogged on the whole fairy tale thing as a whole, or just bits and pieces here and there.  There are just times when things happen, or something comes to mind, and I think......I want to write about this.  More times than not, it comes back to love, romance, sex, or something like that....

When I was wrapping things up earlier this evening at work, the younger crew which is the majority in my office were scurrying around laughing, and excited about something.  I asked what was going on.  They said they had tickets to go see "Beauty and the Beast" at a local convention type center that has plays and concerts.  I watched as they chatted and talked about their outfits.  They are all under 30 of course.  They were little girls when Disney released the "Beauty and the Beast".  Well, the version as most know it.  I taught preschool back when that movie was released, and one of my former students (who would now be about the age of these girls) who cried over the Beast.  She loved him......  She would cry for him with huge tears running down her face.  It was really very touching.  So I decided to ask these young co-workers of mine what it was about "Beauty and the Beast" they liked.  Was it the fantasy of finding their "Beast" or "Prince Charming"?  One said, she had always loved that movie from when she was a little girl.  Another said, I'm not really sure, but I love it.  They both had dreamy smiles on their faces.  I thought back to watching "Cinderella".  The way it made me feel when she got to finally be with her "Prince Charming" and the way I hoped that it would happen for me one day.  I always wondered if every little girl felt that way, and while I can't speak in terms of "EVERY" little guess is that, yes, all little girls believe in the fairy tale.  We want that fairy tale.  We want the strong man to be there for us.  To sweep us off of our feet.  Woo us.....  We don't want the bad relationships, the criticism, the hurt and pain.  We want the love that is going to last forever.  And don't you just know that the Beast and Prince Charming were excellent lovers??  I mean they have to be.  They are perfect in every way, right?  I'm am closer to 50 than not, and I am still holding out for my Prince Charming, or maybe my Beast.  Hey......I'm a dreamer, and a believer.  It could still happen ;-)