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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Tale as old as time........."

I'm not sure if I've blogged on the whole fairy tale thing as a whole, or just bits and pieces here and there.  There are just times when things happen, or something comes to mind, and I think......I want to write about this.  More times than not, it comes back to love, romance, sex, or something like that....

When I was wrapping things up earlier this evening at work, the younger crew which is the majority in my office were scurrying around laughing, and excited about something.  I asked what was going on.  They said they had tickets to go see "Beauty and the Beast" at a local convention type center that has plays and concerts.  I watched as they chatted and talked about their outfits.  They are all under 30 of course.  They were little girls when Disney released the "Beauty and the Beast".  Well, the version as most know it.  I taught preschool back when that movie was released, and one of my former students (who would now be about the age of these girls) who cried over the Beast.  She loved him......  She would cry for him with huge tears running down her face.  It was really very touching.  So I decided to ask these young co-workers of mine what it was about "Beauty and the Beast" they liked.  Was it the fantasy of finding their "Beast" or "Prince Charming"?  One said, she had always loved that movie from when she was a little girl.  Another said, I'm not really sure, but I love it.  They both had dreamy smiles on their faces.  I thought back to watching "Cinderella".  The way it made me feel when she got to finally be with her "Prince Charming" and the way I hoped that it would happen for me one day.  I always wondered if every little girl felt that way, and while I can't speak in terms of "EVERY" little guess is that, yes, all little girls believe in the fairy tale.  We want that fairy tale.  We want the strong man to be there for us.  To sweep us off of our feet.  Woo us.....  We don't want the bad relationships, the criticism, the hurt and pain.  We want the love that is going to last forever.  And don't you just know that the Beast and Prince Charming were excellent lovers??  I mean they have to be.  They are perfect in every way, right?  I'm am closer to 50 than not, and I am still holding out for my Prince Charming, or maybe my Beast.  Hey......I'm a dreamer, and a believer.  It could still happen ;-)


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