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Monday, August 6, 2012

You find out who your friends are......

Do you ever wonder if those you think are your friends, are really your friends?  When that person you think is your friend says, you can call me anytime?  Let me know if you need something, and I will be there for you?  I never really thought a lot about it until recently.  My friends are so different...  They all have unique personalities, and qualities that I love.  That is what makes them who they are, and why I call them my friends.  But lately I have been thinking about this a lot.  The ex-boyfriend.....  When I was with him, he would say if you can't get this done or that done to let him know, and he would be right there to help.  Well that either didn't happen, or I paid hell getting the help from him.  WTF??  So since we ended things in the bf/gf aspect, I have found that being friends with him can't work either.  We can talk, and catch up on things, then he will turn on me.  No provocation.....  He will say he can't do it.  In other words, he can't be a friend.  He gets a little excited when his youngest son tells him, dad, you have no friends.  He doesn't grasp it.  But his son is right.  What friends he has tolerate his crap.  His relationships don't last long, he has very few friends, and he wonders why......  So back to friendships.  When you ask your friends to be there for you, are they?  I am realizing more and more......I have friends, then I have FRIENDS.  The ones I know I can count on, and those that we just enjoy pleasantries.....  I am going to think about this a little more, and write about it again ;-)


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