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Monday, February 27, 2012

Would you like a little salt and lime with those toes?

I have never been able to figure out the whole "fetish" thing.  I mean when I get down to business.....  I know exactly what I want, and while yes, I like to change it up here and there to make it interesting.....  I want sex!  I don't want to lay back fully clothed, and let some guy suck my toes.......and actually get off doing it!  I know.......I know........  You're probably wondering what made me write about this.  Well, I will tell you.....  I jumped on that whole online dating bandwagon thing......  I have pretty much tried them all.  Yep.....even some I am not proud of :-/  So, I tried this one, which I believe to be way overpriced not to mention their "formula" for putting personalities together by using some questionnaire does not work.  It put me with this guy.  He was not bad looking.  He is educated, has a successful business, a beautiful home that is beautifully furnished.  So why wouldn't I hook up with him?  We dated....  Never had sex, just dated.  Because he is a fetish guy, and I'm not a fetish gal.  His fetish is feet......mainly TOES......  Yep.  He likes to suck toes.  Oh, he likes his women to wear panty hose with sandals, and his women to shoe a lot of cleavage.  He hates t-shirts on women, and forget flip flops.  Well for me.....I'm a girl who has to dress up for work all week long.  On the weekends in Florida we wear shorts, t-shirts and've got it........FLIP FLOPS!!  I am not a panty hose person.....never have been.  When I have worn them, they usually come off, or my shoes come off and I end up ruining them.  I have worn the thigh high ones with sexy lingerie with hubby #3.  But as a rule I just don't do hose.....  I've always been complimented on the way I dress, so I don't need this freak of a guy telling me how to dress.  And if you get offended easily?  You might want to stop reading here.  this guy and I stopped dating years ago.  We both agreed that we were not mean to be.  However, ever so often he contacts me.  Generally an email or text.  When the ex beau and I were on the outs a couple of years ago was one of the times this other guy contacted me.  He wanted to make me a candle light dinner at his house, etc.  I went over, and he really did go all out on this meal.  It was pretty romantic.  He even had flowers on the table.  When we were finished (he wouldn't let me help him clean the kitchen) we settled into his family room for a movie.  We were talking and getting close, and then he moved down to my feet.  He removed the trouser socks I was wearing, and started massaging my feet and toes.  In a matter of minutes he was sucking my toes.....running his tongue in between them.  I'm sorry, but I want to puke!  So here I am lying on my back against the sofa, sneaking peeks, and then the unthinkable happened.  Yes.......he pulled his piece of manhood......his very tiny piece of manhood out, and starts.......YEP.........jacking off while sucking my toes.  I was disgusted!  I politely pulled my feet away, put back on my socks and shoes, and told him I had to leave.  We didn't talk for a while after that.  Then the emails started again.  I have been successful in derailing him.  Then I get an email from him on Sunday morning.  I responded.  Big mistake!!  So he has asked me out to dinner.  I told him I would go.  I will meet him somewhere CASUAL and FUN.  I will wear shorts, t-shirt and flip flops........  Everything to really piss him off, and he will NOT suck my toes!!  I just don't get it.  I have great boobs......  Why would a guy be turned on my sucking my toes??  YUCK!!  Feel free to weigh in on this whole fetish thing.  Do you like to have your toes sucked?  I'm just sayin'.......


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The end of this road.......

As the saying goes "all good things must come to an end" and my temp to permanent hire job is coming to an end on Friday.  I really like this attorney I have been working for :-(  I will never get why women, when feeling threatened in a work place.......throw others under the bus to so-called protect themselves.  I won't say anymore than that.  So I will be back to square one...looking for a new job.  My sense of place.  I am still holding out for the job that will be the perfect fit.  Better have a book deal dropped in my lap!  I would be so happy to just sit and write like this all day long.  Tell my story....  You know....  So keep your fingers crossed for me that something will come through on the job front........  Otherwise, I'm sure I will be back here singing my sad song loud and clear ;-)  Wait......I might be doing that


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sometimes I think I write best about love and relationships......  Kind of funny coming from that girl who can't succeed in either......  I love romance, and the whole idea of love.  And just because I have not succeeded in it yet doesn't mean I am going to stop trying or giving up on it.  There is someone out there for everyone.  I believe that.  I was sitting in the lobby of an Olive Garden restaurant tonight with my son.  I was watching all the people walking in and out.  I am a people watcher.  Always wondering what their story is.  So, there were good looking men with ugly women...  There were pretty women with ugly men.  There were bi-racial couples and foreign couples.  Odd couples and all kinds of families.  I looked at some of them did they end up together?  They just don't go together.  Then I got to thinking.  When you fall in love, truly in love........  It doesn't matter if the person gains a little weight or has a few wrinkles...  You just love them.  You accept the good, the bad, the ugly.  This is just the beginning of my thoughts on this.......  It will continue ;-)


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day or D-Day?

Let's talk about this whole Valentine's Day hype.......  Ever since the first day after Christmas I have watched jewelry commercial after jewelry commercial.  I am literally ready to throw something at the tv!!  As a kid my mom used to buy me a box of candy......sometimes a stuffed animal....  You know, the mommy kind of things they do.  But in all reality...  Valentine's Day has never been my favorite.  Actually, in my adult years I have quite a few expletives that I call it.  Hubby's 1 and 2 did okay with the day for "sweethearts".  It was hubby 3 who did me in.....  No......he couldn't give me jewelry, or anything like that.  Every year we were together he would have a huge shirt box out on the table for me from some lingerie store.  Yes.....  I always got some type of sexy lingerie.  Okay......  I will be the first to admit that I love lingerie......NOW......  But when you're married to the man who ultimately cheats on you every time he takes a breath.....  Sexy lingerie has no meaning coming from him.  I actually cringed wondering if he bought it in bulk.  I mean you're supposed to dress up and be sexy for your man when you know he has been unfaithful time and time again.  I did......  But I was young.  I did everything right.  Occasionally there would be flowers too.  But then again........he ruined it for me with flowers for many years to come.  Everytime he cheated on me.....he would call his mom to order flowers to send to me from him.  No matter how you slice it up......  That all was just wrong!!  Then last year I was with the ex-beau.  He took me to dinner at a very intimate, dimly lit mexican restaurant.  The guy kept coming around with the guitar, playing mexican music.  It was romantic.  But it took us forever to get there.  He had avoided V-Day the previous 2 years......  leaving me to see sappy chick flicks with my only single girlfriend.  But last year was nice, once we got there.  So this year I'm single for real........  I really get sick of seeing those romantic commercials......  I mean after 19+ years of living the single life......  I think I've redeemed myself to finally meet a nice man who doesn't mind spoiling me a little bit.  I mean you would think, right?  To all of you in loving relationships........  Happy Valentine's Day!  To all of you like me?  Misery loves company ;-)


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trying again......

I'm sorry.....  I have really lost touch with a lot of things that are important to me.  One of them being my blog here.  I went into therapy after divorce #1 and divorce #3.......  I guess I should have considered it with the latest break-up.  I became so self-absorbed in my own little world that I couldn't find the words to write.  I have been going through the motions of day to day life, hoping that something would change.  I almost convinced myself that I was dreaming and things would go back to normal.  They haven't....  I can honestly say that my life, the way I think, the way I feel have dramatically changed.  Think of watching a movie and either fast forwarding it, or rewinding it....  It's fast and squeeky.....  You just want to put your hands over your ears, shut it out and scream for it to stop.  That is how my mind has been for a few months now.  I have all these thoughts going through it, and I just want them to stop.....  I want to scream until I can't scream anymore.......  I want it to go away.  I want to find my happy serene place.  I want to get back to me, and in touch with my thoughts again.  I want to write...... To reach out to people.  I have friends who have rallied around me through this latest scene from my drama filled life.  I am forever grateful.....  They listen and encourage me to get back to what's important.  So I am trying.....  I am going to put on my big girl panties and deal with this head on......  As Olivia Newton John sang in Grease......  "Guess mine is not the first heart broken..."  This is's not always pretty, but it's the way things go.