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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day or D-Day?

Let's talk about this whole Valentine's Day hype.......  Ever since the first day after Christmas I have watched jewelry commercial after jewelry commercial.  I am literally ready to throw something at the tv!!  As a kid my mom used to buy me a box of candy......sometimes a stuffed animal....  You know, the mommy kind of things they do.  But in all reality...  Valentine's Day has never been my favorite.  Actually, in my adult years I have quite a few expletives that I call it.  Hubby's 1 and 2 did okay with the day for "sweethearts".  It was hubby 3 who did me in.....  No......he couldn't give me jewelry, or anything like that.  Every year we were together he would have a huge shirt box out on the table for me from some lingerie store.  Yes.....  I always got some type of sexy lingerie.  Okay......  I will be the first to admit that I love lingerie......NOW......  But when you're married to the man who ultimately cheats on you every time he takes a breath.....  Sexy lingerie has no meaning coming from him.  I actually cringed wondering if he bought it in bulk.  I mean you're supposed to dress up and be sexy for your man when you know he has been unfaithful time and time again.  I did......  But I was young.  I did everything right.  Occasionally there would be flowers too.  But then again........he ruined it for me with flowers for many years to come.  Everytime he cheated on me.....he would call his mom to order flowers to send to me from him.  No matter how you slice it up......  That all was just wrong!!  Then last year I was with the ex-beau.  He took me to dinner at a very intimate, dimly lit mexican restaurant.  The guy kept coming around with the guitar, playing mexican music.  It was romantic.  But it took us forever to get there.  He had avoided V-Day the previous 2 years......  leaving me to see sappy chick flicks with my only single girlfriend.  But last year was nice, once we got there.  So this year I'm single for real........  I really get sick of seeing those romantic commercials......  I mean after 19+ years of living the single life......  I think I've redeemed myself to finally meet a nice man who doesn't mind spoiling me a little bit.  I mean you would think, right?  To all of you in loving relationships........  Happy Valentine's Day!  To all of you like me?  Misery loves company ;-)


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