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Sunday, March 17, 2013

That whole dating thing - Again

So a few nights ago my instant messenger box pops up.  It was from a different guy than before.  I had given my messenger address to that one guy who wanted to cam, and this one who im'd me.  This guy and I had been chatting, and he seemed nice enough.  Then all of a sudden during one of our conversations he just stopped chatting and disappeared.  That was fine with me.  So here he is im'ing me again.  I was polite.  I asked him how he was and so on.  Then I asked him why all of a sudden out of the blue he stopped communicating with me.  He proceeds to tell me that he didn't.  He said it was me.  Well, it wasn't me.  I let him know it wasn't me.  Then he just all of a sudden asks me if I want to cam with him.  Uh huh.....the dirty dog!  I tell him I am not into the whole webcam thing, and I declined.  That's when he says, we can just talk, no sex......Bahahaha!!!  I am thinking maybe it is me.  Is this what dating has come to, and I am just old school....  Why even bother calling it dating.  You meet someone online, then meet them on the webcam, and do the deed with him via webcam....  I find no excitement in that whatsoever!  Ummm......Yeah, this is bothering me.  And, then I heard the other day that some guy on the Christian site was accused of rape!  So where do good women go to find a decent man?  I think decent men just don't exist these days....  If you're not a barbie doll type, you don't make the cut!  That's for real....  So that guy stopped corresponding when I refused to cam with him.  Another one (well possibility of one) bites the dust!


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