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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Love Part 2?

Okay.......  I think I am ready to admit that I am totally in love.....  Nothing like I've ever felt before.'s no one new.  I thought I was doing pretty good with this, but not a chance.  I have tried to meet new men.  I have tried to be interested in other men, but I'm a hopeless cause.  I keep waiting for this to run it's course.  I mean it usually does for me.  By just about right now.  However, this doesn't feel like it will ever go away.  He and I have talked about this some over the past month.  We had stopped seeing each other.  Well kind of.  We were still seeing each other, just not frequently.  That changed recently.  Things go so well.......He is listening to me more.  He is being extremely supportive.  Not very critical.  All signs that something is changing for him?  You would think so, but he is still holding back.  He asks me about my needs/wants in a relationship, but he is not expressing his.  I think he has a commitment phobia, or intimacy issues.  We are great together.  I see it.  Others see it.  Why doesn't he??  I feel certain too, that if this ends once and for all, I will have that broken heart that cannot be repaired.  Sounds like a mess, huh?  It is.......  I love this man.  I have tried to tell him, but I don't think he trusts what I am saying.  I never thought I would get to the point of being ready to take the next step ever again, but I am.  He holds my heart.  I am still holding out for that miracle...........  That and true love ;-)


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