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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Job interview.......

Why is it that I always feel like I am walking the plank with Caption Hook fast on my heels when I go into a job interview??  Personally, I think I suck at interviewing.  However, one head hunter I met with said I do a great interview.  So why do I have all this anxiety?  I have found that each interview is different, even though I am apply for basically they same types of positions.  I have met with office managers, human resource managers, attorneys, both partners and associate ones.  I have inteviewed individually with them, and all clumped together (like being in front of a firing squad).  All I want to do is get a job, doing what I do.  I have reservations as to working for a woman.  Yes, I know.........I'm a woman.  But we are bitches to work for.  I figure men are more laid back.  At least in the legal field.  But when I have interviewed with male attorneys, they have their right hand female sitting by their side staring me down.  Ugh..........  Did I say, I just want a job, doing what I do.  That, or a publisher who will help me do what I really want to do....which is what I am doing now.  Telling my story ;-)  Wish me luck!!


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