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Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have always tried to keep a positive attitude, even when things are not going well.  Sometimes it is very hard.  I always try to take negatives and turn them into a positive.  I always try to find the good in something bad.  I find myself saying; everything happens for a reason; when one door closes, another door opens; and this all a part of God's bigger plan for me.  I remember recently, my Ryan called me while I was still at work.  Our puppy, Lucky, had chewed up the cord on his Nintendo DS charger.  Knowing that something even as simple at this could trigger Ryan into a meltdown, I listened to him, and let him know that it was okay, and we could get a new one.  I told him I would call the Gamestop in between my office and our house.  He calmed down, and I knew things would be okay.  I called them, and they said they had new ones for $10.  I was thanking God that it was only $10.  I got out of the office a little later, and took a different route to get to get to the store to pick up Ryan's new game charger.  I was driving along when my phone rang.  It was one of my best friends who also works in the same offices that I do.  She said she wanted to make sure I was okay, because she had just heard on the radio there had been an accident at one of the intersections on the route home I usually take home.  I let her know that I had taken a different way because I had to run an errand for Ryan.  She said, oh I forgot about that.  We both said that if Lucky had not chewed up Ryan's game charger, I would have been at that intersection at the around the time the accident happened, and I could have very well been me.  So we deemed that the day that Lucky saved my life.  I wasn't always like this.  I used to talk about the little black cloud that rested comfortably over my head.  How bad luck could find me whenever or wherever.  I think things started changing for me when my Ryan was very ill a few years ago.  I felt like I could take no more.  I had always been told that God will never give you more than you can handle.  I renewed my relationship with God at that time.  I remember that  night when I was driving home from the hospital, and the Carrie Underwood song, "Jesus Take the Wheel" came on the radio.  I broke down crying, and started praying.  It is amazing how my whole outlook changed.

One of my best girlfriends in high school, Karen (yes, she told me I could use her name), and I had been trying to talk for a couple of weeks.  We had been texting and playing telephone tag.  I just had this feeling that she was going through something, and I think she was getting that from me too.  Finally we hooked on through instant messaging on Facebook on Friday night, and made plans to talk on the phone the next morning.  Finally........  We got to talk.  She and I both are feeling the affects of many different things going on in our lives at this time.  We had joked the night before about having a "Thelma & Louise" moment, Tim McGraw, and Bruce Willis.  If you knew us back in high school, you would understand ;-)  Karen and another one of our friends from our school days joke about how they corrupted me.  These days both Karen and I are Christians.  We can talk about anything from those days when we first met the summer between 10th and 11th grade to the present.  We talk about our faith in God.  Karen said to me while we were talking, that she wished she could take the negatives and turn them into positives like I do.  I explained to her that while I am always trying to be positive, sometimes deep down I am just not feeling it.  While she and I were talking, it hit me that the things were talking about were inspiring me.  That she was an inspriration to me.  Karen had gone through similar things like I had in her past, and most recently she lost both her parents 63 days apart.  Something that I could never imagine.  She always has a smile on her face, and always has something positive to say.  I told her that I was going to blog on the whole positive thinking thing, and let her know she was my inspiration.  Karen and her husband have a boat.  It is named "Believe".  She told me when they first docked their boat at the marina where it is housed, that the people around thought that Karent and her husband were "Bible Thumpers" and they were going to cram religion down their throat.  She said that they laugh now about it.  She said that her and her husband of course believe in God, but believe could mean anything....  I said, yes, "Believe" to me is God, hopes, dreams, possibilities, and many other things.  We both agreed that we would be lost if we could not have our dreams.  Later that afternoon, my Ryan and I ran up to the store to pick up a few things.  When we got out of the car and I turned around there was a perfect rainbow.  You could see the beginning and the end.  You never see that.  At least I can't remember if I ever had seen one, or when it was.  A friend told me years ago that rainbows represent dreams and inspirations.  I thought how appropriate that it was there before my eyes.  Especially after the conversation Karen and I had just had.  I took pictures.  It took me three pictures to get the whole rainbow.  I took it as a sign that there is hope.  Dreams do come true.  You just have to "Believe".


Anonymous said...

Susan, that was beautiful! Have you ever thought to become an inspirational writer?!? I Believe you would be very successful in writing. You, my friend, are blessed! May God continue to shine through your life with the positive attitude you keep so well. :)

Suzanna said...


You may be someone I know, you may be a total stranger, but thank you for reading. I love to write, and when I do, it comes straight from my heart. I hope some of my experiences reach out to others who have experienced things that I have. Someone who can say, hey! that's me! That's my life, and if she can make, so can I! God is good, and I know I would not be here today if it weren't for his patience, forgiveness and love. Through him anything is possible. Once again, thank you!