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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Will work for food........

Almost 3 years ago I had been gainfully employed for 12 years with the same law firm.  So, you can understand my shock when my employer laid me off......  I had run the office, and it had an outstanding reputation.  Financial difficulties were stated as the reason I was let go, and the lower gal on the totem poll got to keep her job.  It took me almost 7 months to find another job.  It started as a temp job, and there was going to be a brief period of down time before I went permanent.  During this time I was asked to work temporarily for an attorney I knew for a few years.  Just to help out, because her parttime assistant walked out, and her lead paralegal needed some help.  Before it was time for me to leave, I was offered a permanent fulltime position with this firm.  I have been there 2 years this week. about 20 minutes before quitting time, my boss told me she had to let me go because of financial reasons.  She gave me the option of staying 2 weeks (because she could pay me for 2 more weeks) or leaving immediately.  I opted to stay for the 2 weeks.  I am now stepping up my job search.  This is not the greatest place to be right here at the holidays, and my Ryan's birthday.  But I know I will be okay.  I'm in basically in the same place as a lot of people these days.  It's times like these that you have to dig deep and find what you are really made of.  So wish me luck, and say a prayer for me if you will ;-)


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