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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The sixth sense......or the gift of prophecy........

The sixth sense....  I remember seeing dead people as a child, and getting feelings that I could not explain.  Then when I was a little older, and went to church camp every summer, I was told that I had "the gift of prophecy".  Either way.......  It's all the same.  It's just giving it a name you can be comfortable with.  It's all about being in touch with the unknown.  Anyway......  I've always gone on my feelings.  I sense something, and sometimes is just too hard to ignore.  I am usually right on target with my feelings.  I've thought about reading up on this more, or trying to learn to channel it, but I really don't want to walk down the street with every dead person saying hello........  I might get a little overwhelmed.  So when I have a strong feeling........  Feelings is what I call them, rather than visions....  I either act upon them, or just remain quiet to let it run its course.  I was adopted as an infant.  I can still remember a man and woman, not my mom and dad, standing over me, doting on me.........  I believe that is the connection I have to my birth parents (who are both now deceased).  Then I saw my great grandmother when I was about 9 or 10 maybe.  That's when I knew that there was something different in my psyche.  So I have lived with this pretty much since birth I guess, and have learned that my Ryan also has this sixth sense.  He handles it pretty well too.  I remember when I first sensed that we had a roommate in our house.  I was okay with it.  My fear was that if Ryan heard we had a "ghost" he might never sleep in his room again.  So I always kept it quiet.  For a probably 3 or 4 years after we moved into our house.  Then one day I was talking to someone, and they brought it up.  Ryan in passing says, "oh, are you talking about my guardian angel who sits in my room and watches over me?" He then said, "she has been doing that since we moved in here mom."  I was shocked.....  He never mentioned it.  He was never scared.  I asked him about it.  He told me that he wasn't scared of her.  She was just there watching out for us.  Yeah, that's pretty wild.  Then several years ago, a very dear friend of mine was killed in an accident.  The night it happened, I had what I thought was a dream.  In my dream there was someone drowning.  I had my hand down over the edge of the water trying to save them.  I could not see a face, just an extended arm and hand.  Water splashed up to my face and into my mouth.  It wasn't water from a pool.  It was from a lake.  I tried and tried, but I could not save this person.  I woke up with a jolt.  I got up and went to the bathroom, and couldn't shake it.  I went back to sleep, and kept repeating this over and over.  It wasn't much longer when my phone rang.  It was my older brother.  See, the friend I was referring to was his wife's stepbrother.  So when my brother told me that John had been in a jet ski accident during the night, and was missing, once again I got that jolt!  I jumped out of bed.  I knew he would not be found alive.  It was one of those things that I could never shake.  I finally consulted with a Medium.  When she greeted me, she immediately said, you have the gift.  She didn't know me, she had never met me, and was not associated with anyone I knew.  So she told me John was reaching out to me at his time of death to say goodbye.  She said that at the moment I lost my grip and the person slipped away was when he actually died.  After many years of being plagued with the all made sense.  So, I have learned to always trust my feelings.  Good or bad......  just trust them.  So that is what I do.  There is nothing satanic about it.  Which is what most people like to think.  It's very real.  It's a gift........  "the gift of prophecy", or the sixth sense.  I don't use it to hurt people.  As I said, I don't even know how to channel it.  Which is why it probably does overwhelm me sometimes.  More recently was my whole job status thing.  I knew it was going to happen, me losing my job.  I even texted and emailed some people when I had the strong feeling about it.  My former boyfriend texted me back, and told me it was all in my head.  Not wanting him to think I was paranoid or crazy, I agreed, and moved on.  So when it happened, I texted him, and said I guess it wasn't all in my head, huh?  Followed by, that is why I always trust my feelings.  I have had this heavy burden on me over my whole job situation.  Then a couple of days ago sitting at my desk at work (I'm there until the end of the month).  I was praying, and talking to the Lord out loud.  I let him know that I wasn't sure if I was up to this again.  Going through the whole no job-job hunting thing.......  I prayed that he would take some of the burden.  I looked down, and on a fax cove sheet under my hand a date was circled.  I had not paid attention to the dates I had gotten from the Judge's office, and faxed over to an opposing counsel.  I just did it like a robot, and had not even paid attention.  But when I looked down, and saw the date........I got a chill.  It was January 18th.  My Grandma's (God rest her soul) birthdate.  Yes.......  I kid you not.  I looked up, and said, thank you Jesus!! and thank you Grandma!!  I knew at that moment that I would be okay....I'm going to be just fine.  The weight, the burden I had been carrying was totally lifted off my shoulders, and I have been feeling so good ever since.  I know that when this door finally closes on November even bigger and better one will open.  Always trust your gut feeling.......  Go with it.  Because more times than not, it's the way things will be.


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