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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Friend stuff...........

I have been just dancing around the surface with my recent posts....  When I've talked about my family and those relationships.  All because at this time in my life that is what is on my mind.  However, what I have found through all my life struggles.....  I have always been able to count of my friends.  When the outpouring came from my friends during my family crisis......I was shocked.  I had friends offer to help in any way they could.  I got emails with phone numbers, telling me that if I needed something to let them know.  Some said things like, if you need me I'm there, and I will rally some of our other friends to help out too.  I didn't say anything, and then my older brother came to the hospital when my Ryan had just gone into surgery.  He said he got mom and dad situated, and came to sit with me since he knew I needed him.  He took me out to lunch, and we were talking.  See.....he is an musician/entertainer.  Our hometown celebrity.  Anyway, he said that he was in shock at how his friends and fans came forward.  They offered to cook and clean for our parents.....they just let him know they were there if he needed them.  The thing about it is......  We both know that our friends would do exactly what they said they would had we asked them.  I think that is why I consider my close family.  Because a lot of them are family to me.....  So, I think I am going to close the book on this chapter.  I have vented, I have allowed myself to pour out things that have been weighing on my mind.  I do have to mention that my cousin Vicki......  I've mentioned her before in past blogs....  When she found out I was in the ER with my Ryan, she posted a message on Facebook directed to our family.  She told them that someone needed to get up to the hospital and sit with me.  I let her know I would be okay.  I kind of felt weird about it.  But she did it because she could not stand the thought of me being alone.  She would have been there had she not been a State away.  I am so thankful I have her.....  It didn't take long for other family members to contact me.  So that's it for me folks on this subject.  I will from time to time talk about family things, and friendship things.  But this is kind of like that "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" .  What Suzanna blogs on, stays  on the blog......  Well maybe......  Unless some editor discovers me, and give me a job....Hahahaha ;-)


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