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Thursday, November 10, 2011

All of a sudden I am beginning to feel like that person who says, "you wouldn't believe what happened to me on my way to the store", or the kid who says, "you wouldn' t believe that the dog just ate my homework".  No kidding.....  First it was my parent's accident, then my Ryan in the hospital, the week from hell at work.....  So I was counting on this week being back on track, but that would be way too easy, right?  Exactly!!  If you've read my past blogs, you know my life is not that easy.......  So now I'm not feeling so good......  This started on Monday night.  I'm not sure if it is stress from everything I've had to deal with lately, or if I am really sick.  All I know is, I feel like crap!  I just want to climb in bed and stay there curled up in a little ball.  I was headed for that mode, but duty calls.......  I have to go to work...  I have to be mom to Ryan....  Have to be a good daughter to my parents.  There seems to be this pattern here.  I am so busy taking care of everybody else, but there is no one taking care of me.  I am guessing this not feeling good is just plain exhaustion, a low immune system, and BINGO........I'm sick!  This too shall pass I guess.  I'm just ready to get back to the normal I consider my life to be.  Have I whined enough?  I know.......I'm the person who always has the positive things to say, and I'm still in here somewhere.  I'll be back good as new soon.  I have some good things to talk about when I can sit here long enough to write about them.  So keep an eye out for me....  Thanks for following :-)


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