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Sunday, July 15, 2012

I've lost it!

When I said a while back that I always have a story......I'm not lying.  Only this story took me away from my greatest passion, writing.  I honestly believe I have gone through some type of breakdown....Whether it was mentally, emotionally, or whatever.  My life has not been my own.  I have been this person standing outside of my body watching myself go through daily motions, and not feeling a damn thing.  I'm still not completely myself.....  I now have a PERMANENT job.  I love it.  I'm happy.....  I mean as happy as one can be still feeling empty inside.  I continue to be positive, because the only other alternative is to be mean spirited......and I refuse to do that!  I mean.....  I could, and sometimes I do...but I really try hard not to.  I have been thinking of getting back on track with "my" story.  I have so much to tell, so I am going to tell it.  My 30 year class reunion begins later this week, and moves through the weekend.  So since I write about best about relationships and love, I'm going to talk about the men of my life ;-)


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