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Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's that time of the year again.........

So today was one of the two family reunions that I attend each summer.'s that time of the year again.  This one was for my dad's side of the family.  His family is smaller, and this year was very discouraging.  The normal packed out Rec Center, was very bare!  Still tons of food, but very few people.  Leave it to the families of the deep south to still have a lot of food.  They are always prepared to feed an  So this day has kicked my butt!!  Birthday weekend, class reunion weekend, and family reunion weekend.  Next weekend I get a reprieve, then it will be another family reunion weekend.  At least that one is local.......Yayyy..........  All the activity has thrown me off with my thought process and my writing.  I think when I finally close my eyes tonight, I will drift off to never never land, and stay there until I have to get up for work on Monday morning.....  Nahhh......  I will emerge with a new breath of fresh air!!  and just like that......I'm out for the night!!


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