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Sunday, July 22, 2012

30 years later.......

I still remember my first day of school.  I remember my mom walking me into that kindergarten classroom, and pointing to all the children that I knew from before I then.....  Children that I went to birthday parties with.  It didn't matter, I was still shy!  I remember walking over to the little kitchen area which house a little wooden sink, stove and refrigerator.  There were baby dolls and all that girly stuff.  My mom kind of nudged me over there.  I really wanted to play with the blocks.....  So, this is where I started my school journey.  I went to school with most of these kids through the middle of my 10th grade year, when I was being bullied, and my parents could not get anyone to do a thing about it.  The easy way out was to say, we can transfer Susie to whatever school in the county she wants to go............Ugh!!  I wanted to graduate with these kids.  The ones I grew up with.  The ones I had called friends since I was 5 years old (some longer).  So, when the wonderful world of Facebook reconnected me to a lot of my old friends.......I was elated!  Then of course came the invitation to our 30th class reunion.  I was so excited!  Well, I have just completed 4 days of events for my 30 year class reunion.  There were some unexepected, unpredictible moments, but what a fun time it was!  The movie "Never Been Kissed" came to mind on the first night.  We took a trolley ride to the beach.....  The trolley was like a party bus for us.  As we were on the drive back to where our cars had been parked, and I watched my former classmates laughing and talking, and more......  I was taking it all in, as I did the whole weekend.  The end of that movie was so true.  There will always be those girls who look the same as they did in high school.  There will always be that group who is dancing the beat of their own drum, there are the nerds (or geeks), the ones who will always be the class clown, and the ones who will always be the life of the party.  You see those ones you had a crush on, and the fun memories come rushing back.......  But you all come together.  You hear what your friends have been up to.  You share pictures and stories, and you feel like you want to live in the moment forever.  Our big event on Saturday night couldn't happen without the MOST excitement.  A storm moved in, and our outdoor party had to be very quickly moved inside.  It didn't happen without being soaked from head to toe.  All we could do was laugh.....  We invaded the inside of the restaurant where their other patrons were eating, and they were very accomodating.  But close quarters is an understatement.  Cameras flashing, and many non-flattering pictures were being taken.  I got corned by a classmate who had been watching me for 2 nights.....Yikes!  He went for a hug, and I was going to be courteous and hug him back, like I did with everyone else, but I wasn't quite ready for his drunk confessions or professions of his attraction for me.  He kissed my neck, and went for the mouth more than once, all the while me peeling his hands off of me.  Only to turn around and see my girlfriends laughing at the whole scene.  What happened to the term "I've got your back, girl"?  Like, really......girls you could have helped out!  LOL!!  I finally broke free, and went over and asked if he was married.  I didn't want some angry wife coming over, and clawing my eyes out.  LOL!!!  Overall it was an amazing time.  I am already looking forward to the 40th reunion.  I think we will have to just bite the bullet and hire a party planner.  I think it will be a lot less stressful to those who try to organize.  I encourage anyone who has a class reunion coming to go for it.  Don't worry about what you might look like now.  Just go and have a good time!


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