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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wa Wa Wa

I think we now see a pattern.....  Me and being sick is NOT a good mix!  I am whiny, needy, and a total mess!  So, I have been dealing with this cold for a few days now.  I just don't get how little kids can have a cold, with their noses running, coughing and all that, and continue to run around playing.  All the while wiping their snotty noses on the back of their shirt sleeve.  I have a cold, and it literally kicks my ass!  I just curl up in a ball in bed and cry........  Right now my whole body is aching.  My head hurts......I am not getting much air via breathing through my nose.  It really sucks!  Not to mention I have this huge zit along the top of my's under the skin, and totally red!  So that adds to the headache!  See......I told you me and being sick do NOT mix!  It is also freezing here.....  I'm in Florida.....  Okay?  It rarely gets cold here.  I kind of think Mother Nature screwed up.  It was supposed to be cold on Christmas Day.  But NOOOO.........  It was beach weather on Christmas.  I need to go back to work.....  I do not do staying home very well either.  I think the ways I sound right now?  Well, I remember one of my friends who is also a Paralegal, first worked with me.  She called one of the Judge's office, and spoke with his Judicial Assistant.  She proceeded to tell her that she really needed to get the hearing she was trying to schedule done earlier than the dates she was given.  The J.A. (as we call them) says, Wa............  Yeah......  As in wa wa wa!  Well that is me right now.........  Sorry :-(


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