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Saturday, January 7, 2012

About last night.......

So he and I decided to part ways for good this time.  For me it's a very unhealthy relationship.  Sometimes loving someone too much is not enough.  So, I gave him my word that I would not contact him again, and I meant it........  I had prayed and handed everything over to God, and I meant it.....  It was out of my control now.  So last night was very restless for me as I am still sick, and running a fever.  So after tossing and turning I got up, and got my laptop, and booted up for a long night ahead.  It was actually the wee hours of the morning at this time.  So no more than I had signed on to my messenger I received an instant message from him.  It said, hey baby you there??  I was still fuzzy, and looked again.  The picture on his messenger was not his picture.  It was a woman's body.....  Not showing her face, but below the neck down, and she had her legs pulled up to her.  She was in a skin tight dress, and stiletto heals.  Underneath it had something like having fun, and her name was Gabby.  So, I asked if it was him, and she says 24/female, you?  I said I was a very close friend of his.  She came back with I'm sorry, I forget what I am doing sometimes.  At this point I figured he had been hacked.  I had received an email from him last week, and we had discussed it.  I deleted the email, and never brought it up again.  A couple of years ago we had this happen as well, but it was someone soliciting for their weightloss product.  He did some virus/add-a-ware scans, changed passwords, and we didn't have any problems with it until now.  So I told this person I knew she had hacked his messenger, and I had reported her.  I then texted him with the specifics.  Of course I didn't hear anything from him.  I'm sure he thought it was trumped up just to talk to him.  But quite frankly.......since I prayed about all of this I haven't been anxious, or anything like that about him.  What did bother me is that he was not concerned at all about being hacked, and this hoochie mama contacting decent people.  I don't want someone contacting me under his name.  The hurt and pain is there from this final breakup has been tough enough.  I just don't need to deal with this.  Out of respect to me I thought he would apologize and let me know that he was taking care of it, but no.......I've heard nothing, and I am sure not going to contact him anymore.  So.....  I think it's safe to say that I am a little over last night.  No tears........  He lost the best thing he ever had!  It's over just like that!


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