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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I have been away........wayyyy too long!  I mean in the sense I haven't connected with my followers, and such.  As you all know, I have been on this crazy roller coaster ride for a few months.  Ups and downs.....starting with my parent's accident, my Ryan being sick, my job loss, and being dumped for the 999th time.  Not good......  I've been thinking a lot, and doing a lot of soul searching.  My mind is so jumbled.  Kind of like one of those metal baskets that hold the bingo numbers, and when the person drawing a number and spins the basket it around, it's just this jumbled up mess.......  A lot of noise...  So I am going to tell you a little about where I am now, and then get back on track.  My parents are doing dad does have to have surgery on his knee, but for the most part the folks are great.  My Ryan is doing much better since he got the kidney stone broken up and removed.  Being dumped is not a good feeling at all...........  But the new job, while still temporary, is going great!  I am hoping the temporary changes to permanent soon.  I am one of those people who needs consistency in my life when it comes to work and love.  I like to try new things.....experiment, you know?  But I need to know I have a steady income (thus job security) and one man in my life to complete my circle of life.  I just don't do good out there on the dating scene.  I'm no good a juggling men.  Nor do I want to.  I hate dating websites with a passion.  I used to be on "some".  But seeing the same men on every one of them..........with some totally different profile made my stomach turn.  I was always consistent with my profile.  Rambling.......that is what this is.  All because I am working up to bigger and better things.  If that makes sense.  Right now, I am falling asleep.  So I will head on to bed.......  I will be back tomorrow.


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