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Sunday, July 31, 2011


It's said that there is someone out there for everybody.  If that is true, then what if your someone out there dies or marries someone else before you meet?  So how do we know that the person we are with is the one we were meant to be with?  Are we assuming that because that person fits our life at that moment that they are "the one"?  Then we hear the idea of "soulmate" tossed around like a football or something;  I am in search of my soulmate; I found my soulmate, and so on.........  Yeah, right, whatever.

Look up the definition of soul.  It will say something to do with a person spirituality, immoral something, and something about the psyche.  Then look up mate.  It will say something like couples; male/female or friend.  Then look at the definition of soulmate.  It refers to a perfect match, and refers to a couple; husband and wife.  So where do you get specific that soulmate means it is strictly a romantic connection?  or solely for a male/female relationship?  Let's go back to soul.  That whole spiritual/immoral thing?  When I close my eyes and dig deep into my "soul", there is a lot there (not just romance).  There is emotion, feelings, and passion.......  

Going back to someone out there for everyone.......  This could mean more than the male/female relationship.  It could mean our relationships with our friends and family, and a total stranger.  Right?

I believe we can have many soulmates on different levels, other than romantic.  They don't have to be male/female relationships.  I believe when we connect to someone in a way that reaches our soul then we have met our soulmate.  We may never meet our soulmates.  Kind of like it's said that identical twins feel the same things as their twin, and sense when the other is going through something or needs something.  That would be a connection deeper than the surface.  I have a person from my past who I say is my soulmate.  Our relationship is just one of those you can't explain.  It's just there, whether we talk or not.  Then I have met my sexual soulmate.  I have a couple of other soulmates.  I don't think that just because you marry someone, share an intimate relationship with that person that you are soulmates.

With that said..........  Back to if there is someone out there for everybody, will we ever know if that person that we are with is "the one"?  What if you fall in love as a teenager, go your separate ways, and marry someone else?  What if you're married for 50 years and your spouse dies, and you run into that "first" love?  What if reconnect, and while you knew something was missing from your life all those years, you now realize why?  I know we shouldn't dwell on "what if's" or "what might have been's", but doesn't it make you think?  


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