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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I ROCK 47!!

I woke up this morning in a great mood.......  Going to celebrate one of my best buds from high school's birthday!  I reconnected with two of my closest high school friends last weekend, in what I called the girlfriend's lost weekend reunion.  We've been communicating on Facebook for a couple of years now, and two of us live in close proximity of where we grew up.  The other lives just a little north of here, but she and her husband spend their weekends here.  So it's taken us 2 years to have that reunion, and we've made a promise to each other to get together on a regular basis when family and other commitments permit.  It's almost like we were never apart.  It is very cool. 

So I was reading my local paper online earlier.  Over to one side of the screen they post mug shots of arrests made in the past 24 hours in the tri-county area of where I live.  Call me weird, but I read obituaries and look at mug shots.  Yeah, kind of sick I guess ;-)  But in my defense I have to say......  I work in law at that, where domestic abuse is running rampant.  I also have tons of family and friends.  Yeah....  I'm from a family that has a few rebels and rednecks!  Not real criminals, just good folks who like to have some fun, and forget about the law when they are doing it.  I always wonder when looking at the mug shots what those people's story is.  The human mind, and what makes a person act out in a certain way has always intrigued me.  So as I am looking through these mug shots I focus on this one woman's picture.  I click on it, and see she was arrested for a DUI.  Okay, I think we have all been guilty at some point or another of getting behind the wheel after drinking too much, or doing other things, or just being too tired to drive.  If you haven't been guilty of it sometime in your life, God Bless you.  You've done better than most.  Including me :-(  I was looking at her info, and see that she is 48.  I had this woman pegged easily at 60+.  So I am guessing her story is she has lived a hard life.  A lot of partying, drinking, maybe some drugs, etc.  Me, really feeling my good mood, I am thinking I look good for 47!  Then as I did on my birthday a little more than a week ago......  I said outloud to myself........  YOU ROCK 47!!  and I do..... 

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