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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Billboards and Romance..........

I was driving down a major highway today with my Ryan.  We stopped at a traffic light, and we both looked up at this billboard.  It was an advertisement for a jewelry store.  In big red painted letters was a marriage proposal.  We were looking at it to see if it was a part of the ad or this guy actually got up there and painted the proposal.  It was actually a "will you marry me again?" proposal.  We decided on the latter.......  Staring at it, I looked over at my boy and said, that's what I want....  I want that guy who is going to love me enough that he will take the risk to climb up on a billboard and paint in large name and all that mushy stuff........Will you marry me?  Not today or tomorrow, but when the timing is right.  My Ryan reached over, and patted my shoulder, saying what was on the billboard with a certain person's name at the end.....  Then he said some other things.  Then he said, Mom, he'll be back.  Leave it to my child to say what he thought I wanted to hear.  I just agreed with him, knowing that it's not going to happen this time.  No he hasn't called.  Almost one week without speaking.  I won't lie........  Some nights when I go to bed, I curl up in a little ball and cry into my pillow.  It's still early, right?  I am getting a little bit stronger.  But the love I have for him is still as strong as the first day I knew I loved him.  I think it's more about accepting this rather than denying it.  I don't even think if he came back into my life that he would be that guy that would be romantic like that.  In reality I don't expect a man to climb up on a billboard and paint something on it to me, but it's the whole idea of romance.  I think most women want romance.  I don't need it all the time, but little things here and there are nice.  It's about that other person putting time and thought into something special for you.  Going that extra mile to make each other feel like everything about your relationship is what it's all about.  Ahhhhh.................sigh ;-)


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