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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm thinking I need to do something outrageous to bring me back to reality.  Just something off the wall that will have a shock affect.  I think that would be kind of fun......  After all I don't usually shy away from much.  That is why I am Suzanna Uncensored.  For those of you who are familiar with the pop artist Rhianna, you have probably heard her song "Rude Boy".  I downloaded that song on my phone with the idea of it being a ring for that someone special in my life.  It just seemed to fit that part of our relationship.  Wild, crazy, and passionate.  So, I downloaded it on my new phone that I got last year sometime, and can't figure out how to get it to ring only when he calls.  Needless to say, it blurts out this provocative song when my phone rings.  It's loud, and really rude.  But I love to see people's reaction when it does ring.  It's that shock affect.  No one believes I would have a song like that as my ring tone.  But I like that song.  Then the newer song of hers about "S&M" is great too.  No, I don't get into that, but that song rocks!  When my Ryan goes to visit his dad, I run around my house naked.  One of my best buds will call or text me and ask me if I am sitting at my computer naked or running around naked......  I am always laughing, saying, YES I AM!!!  We both laugh because it's just funny.......  See, I'm that girl who doesn't mind being on top with the lights on.  I don't mind taking a shower with him.  And, talking dirty can be sexy.  One of my nieces told me I should be a sex therapist.  She is probably right.  Maybe I will be when I grow up ;-)  I just think women should embrace their bodies, not be ashamed.  After all if your man thinks you're good enough to do the deed with, then he should see the the good, the bad, AND the ugly, right??  I mean (no offense here) but the little barbie doll types can't be all that.  Come on........  It would be like; don't mess up my hair; don't do that it's gross; ohhhh........I broke a nail.  Come on guys.......really.......  Is it really worth it??  For those who know me, some may not be shocked that these are my thoughts, but some may get that shock affect.  I just think it's fun!!  Maybe it's just a jump in the direction of liberating myself.  Shaking off the bad, and regaining my strength.  And how better to do that, than with talking about the "nasty"  So I have to head off to bed......  Gotta family reunion to attend.  I will pick back up on this subject later ;-)


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