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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pulling out of darkness.....I need some light!

I'm back....  After what feels like a long descent into darkness.  I have gone to sleep, but not slept.  I have smiled, but my heart has been all but happy.  I have laughed, but it is hollow in my ears.  I go over my life in my mind.  I try to figure out why this keeps happening to me.  All the while I know, what is happening is in my cards.  It's all a part of God's plan for me.  This is the one place, my blog, where I can be me.  I don't have to put on a smile.  I don't have to laugh if I don't want to.  I can be real.  I'm not saying that I am a victim, or negative, but I believe that in my life it's okay to feel blue, sad, down.......  After all it is supposed to be okay to feel and show every emotion.  If we are told not to express our emotions, then there is a problem.  It is natural to laugh, be angry, surprised, axious, and it's okay to cry.  I don't think God intends for us to be happy all the time.  Because if everyone was happy all the time we would live in a perfect world.  By expressing our emotions it allows us to grow.  Learn from our mistakes, our fears, and our pain.  Eventually we will conquer the mountains, and proceed through this journey called life.  Out of the darkness and into the light.  It's like a viscious cylce.  Lights on, lights off.  So from here I will start writing again.  Letting my creative juices flow....  If I sound quirky or different, it will be coming from my heart......  As always.  I write, I pray, I click.  I go back and read my posts after the fact.  It's the way to go.....  I am back!  Peace!

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