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Sunday, October 16, 2011

I love you.....

I look in your mind....I see my thoughts.  I look in your eyes....I see forever.  I look in your heart....I see my heart.  I look in your soul....  I see me.  Love is blind.  It has no boundaries.  We should not fear love.  We should embrace it.  The beauty of love is that it comes from within.  Deep in the heart and soul.  We don't pick and choose who we fall in love with.  It happens......  And when it does, it's the best feeling.  You want to share what you are feeling with everyone.  Tell people about it.  It's not something analytical.  We shouldn't pick it apart.  We shouldn't doubt the feeling.  Just accept it.  Like tilting your face to the sky when it is raining......The water just washes over your face.  Standing outside when the wind is blowing.  You can't help but feel the cleansing.  When it is on the tip of your tongue, just say it....I love you.

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