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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Girlie days...........

Wow!!!  I woke up this morning to a beautiful morning here is "sunny" but cool Florida!!  It's been a busy weekend so far.  I am going into my office for a few hours this morning.  I missed a total of 3 full days of work in the past 2 weeks, not to mention a couple of leaving early days.  This is out of the norm for me, other than when my Ryan has his doctor's appointments.  I usually schedule his appointments in time frames that they do no interfere with my work.  Sometimes life gets in the way, like now.  I will go in and do some work, then later tonight work some from home.  I am taking a break today.  One of my little nieces recently had a birthday.  I couldn't make her birthday party because of prior commitments, and I told her that I would take a day to spend time with her........  We could go to the mall, have lunch, and all that girl stuff.  Then boom and boom!  God had a different plan for me.....  So today, I will have a girlie day with one of my favorite little people.  She will walk me from one end of the mall to the other, and back again!!  LOL!!  I guess I am getting paid back from that one time I had babysat, and saved my money for a pair of "earth" shoes.....  I asked my dad to take me to the mall, and assured him that I knew exactly what I was getting (store, had already tried on the shoes, etc.).  Well........  I went to the store, tried on the shoes, didn't buy them yet, and drug my dad from one end of the mall to the other before buying those shoes!  My poor dad.........LOL!!!  He still tells everybody that story!  So I guess I am getting my payback now........  It's okay though.  Those memories that I've mentioned a couple times?  Well I have those with my dad, and now my little person will have them with me......  I love it!!  I'll take another break tonight, and write some more.  I forgot to remind you....I get off track sometimes.  I write from my heart, and what's on my mind.  Have an awesome day!

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