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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Part II - My daddy........

When I think of a hero, it is usually those who stand out.  They have done something spectacular or have some of significant purpose.  My daddy is my hero....  I have always thought he hung the stars and the moon.  He was a young man when he and my mama adopted me, but he was up for the responsibility.  I remember when I was maybe 2 or 3, and he would bring me home a little brown paper sack full of penny candy.  I remember running from him, and him chasing me around the front yard.  It became a ritual with us.  We would run around for a little while, then I would let him catch me, give me a hug and kiss, then I would get my bag of candy and run into the house with it.  Over the years we went on vacations to the mountains and theme parks.  When I was 7, an aunt and uncle were visiting my uncle's family in Michigan, and called to tell my parents that it was snowing there.  Before we knew it, my daddy was loading us in the car to go to Michigan to see snow for the first time.  I remember him teaching me to ride a bike and how to swim.  My mama used to complain that he spent too much time in his office, and not enough time with us.  But I remember that we always sat together as a family for dinner, and we always went to church as a family.  I only have good memories about my daddy.  Yes we occasionally butted heads.....  But what kids don't?  There was never anything that we couldn't work through.  Happy Father's Day, Daddy.......  You are still my hero.......  I love you and hope you have an awesome day! 

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