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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Heroes Welcome

On this day.....  I wanted to take the time to post on our Armed Forces.  Giving those fallen soldiers who so proudly died defending our beautiful country the appreciation and recognition they deserve.  We take for granted just how blessed we are to live in the USA.  Those who have served and lost their lives fighting for our freedom, and those who have served and continue to serve deserve this day of memory.... 

I remember last year sitting in Tampa International Airport waiting for one of my best girlfriends to arrive.....  I was sitting there with her Mother and son who I had brought with me.  As I was sitting watching the people come through the different gates, I thought....  They all have a story.  I love to watch people like that, and try to figure out what their story is.  But on that night there was something that really stood out to me, and touched me.  As I was watching everyone...  I see a young man, in fatigues, and walking on crutches.  My heart dropped.  As he was manuvering the crutches, he still kept his head heald high.  I think he was probably in his early 20's if even that.  He stopped and looked around, taking everything in, and then pulled out his hat (which I am sure has a name, but I don't know what it is called).  I thought he was looking for a girlfriend, parents, friends......  But, he put the hat on his head, straightened up, and began to walk....Alone.....  My eyes filled with tears.....  I realized that when he stopped and looked around, that he was probably taking in the beauty of being back on american soil, back in the country that he fights for, the country that he was more than likely injured defending.  I really wanted to go give him a hug.......  But, didn't.  I remember telling a friend later that night what I had witnessed.  I told him that I felt really bad for that young man.  He asked me, why?  I told him that, here there was this young injured soldier returning home, and there was absolutely no one there to welcome him.  My friend who had served in the Army and Reserves for many years said, what people don't understand, is that the men and women who serve and protect this country don't do it for the praise and glory, they do it out of honor and respect for this country.  They fight to protect us and our freedom.  I guess I had never really thought about it like that.  But personally, I think that every soldier out there fighting for our freedom deserves a "Heroes'" welcome.......

So today........  Thank you all......  Your service to our country, and the people of our country is appreciated a million times over!  And, to those who are no longer with us, may your memory live on!  God Bless you all for keeping us safe!!! 

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