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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another Happy Mother's Day.......Enjoy!

I think I've mentioned it in past blogs, but when I blog it comes from my heart.  That is probably why it is so up and down and all around.  I don't proof read, but say a prayer, click publish, and there it is.  This blog was meant to be a tribute to my mother.  I feel so blessed to have her......while so many of my friends has lost their parents, I am so lucky to have both my parents still with me.  This year, however, they are on their farm in Georgia.  As much as I am missing spending Mother's Day with my mom, I'm okay with sharing her with my family there..... 

So today I will pay tribute to all mothers....everywhere!  If you are a mother, you know the sacrafices we go through to ensure our children are healthy and safe.  It also opens our eyes as to the sacrafices our mothers went through.  I remember as a teen, yelling at my mother that I would never be the kind of parent she was.  I saw varied emotions in her face.  It was almost a look of hurt, yet a look of uh huh.......that's what you think.  That phrase "mother knows best" always comes to mind.  Really mothers do know best.  It's like God gave us that special touch to know just what our children need, and to have the insight into the future. mom knew I would end up parenting similar.  There are things that she did that I would not do to this day....but I have a special needs child.  Life has been quite different than it would have been had my son been your average kid.....  I still find myself realizing I am more like my mother than I ever thought I would.  ;-)

I wish all of you moms a Happy Happy Mother's Day!  If you can.....give your mom a hug and kiss.  Spend time with your babies......  Life is so precious, embrace the day!  Enjoy it and pamper yourself too.  We all deserve that!


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