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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Am I a Porche?

I know...I know....  It's been a while again :-(   I have been having a lot of problems lately.  I am slowly working through them.......  I promise.  So, as I sat in my car in traffic this morning on my way to work - Yes........  I got a call back to the firm I loved working at.  Just temp again, but I'm told it's indefinite, and will most likely go permanent!!  Yayyy.........

So, as I was saying......I was sitting in traffic, and of course my mind was wandering.  I am a dreamer, and my creative mind is always in overdrive!  Here I was sitting behind a Porshe.  Have you ever noticed that you never see women driving a Porche?  No..........  only men.  Then I started looking at the other vehichles around me.  Trucks....Mercedes, BMW's, etc.  All of them with male drivers.  Those vehicles are rides that make a statement.  So this thought came to my mind.......  A porche has a wide ass end.  Trucks are big.  The other vehicles just scream hot!  Then I literally started laughing.  The thought came to mind.  A man will drive a car with a wide ass, but blows off a woman with one.  It's all about appearance.  So does this mean that men have this secret love for big bottom girls?  Are you scratching your head yet?  That's what I'm talking about.  Maybe men pick those kind of cars because of this deeply hidden desire to be with "real" women.......not Twiggy or Barbie!!  I know, my imagination is outrageous.  I don't have the big bottom, but I have my fluffiness ;-)  So the next time you're sitting in traffic, look around you.........  Think about what kind of car/truck you are.  It can be fun!!


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